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Glenn Blacklock
Operations Manager


Michael A. Fontaine, P.L.S
Land Surveyor

Licensed in the State of Rhode Island (L.S. 1956) 

Licensed in the State of Connecticut (LSX.0070052)





A good survey is the basis for ALL good design work without exception. This is arguably the most overlooked and underrated part of ANY design process.   Carrigan Engineering Inc.’s Survey Department includes knowledgeable staff with years of experience who know how to get the job done right.  We understand the application and tailor the product to meet your needs.  Contact us and request a proposal for your next project.

To perform survey work in Rhode Island and Connecticut a Surveyor must be licensed in the State in which they are working.   A Surveyors license can be verified by going to Consumer Protection to check.  Ensure your working with a licensed professional. 

Why does a survey cost so much?

Often people get “sticker shock” when receiving their proposal for survey work. Most do not realize the time invested in a good survey. Typically a boundary survey with topography includes:

  • Land Records Research – Usually a day at the City / Town Hall, Engineering Department, Planning & Zoning Departments & various Public Utilities offices.

  • Initial Field Survey Work – This often includes transferring the nearest benchmark to the site (especially critical when dealing with D.E.M. or C.R.M.C.), searching for and locating property corners, locating all improvements.

  • Office Computations – Processing the collected information and performing the necessary computations to generate an opinion of where we feel the property lines are.

  • Drafting – Additional time is spent preparing the final Survey Plan of which is incuded in the price.

  • Secondary Survey Field Work – A second visit to the site is usually necessary to set any missing property points or stake out of Buildings, O.W.T.S. or other improvements.

So when you consider the actual time involved, it is actually pretty reasonable. Yes, you can find other Surveyor’s who may do it for less, but remember, you generally get what you pay for, and that inexpensive survey may actually cost you more in the end if you decide to make improvements or even sell your property.

Can I survey just one line?

We at Carrigan Engineering Inc. do not believe that one line can be determined without ascertaining the others. How can we be sure you and your neighbors are getting land they are legally entitled to if your property lines are not determined? Doesn’t make much sense, but this is a common request.

Is a Survey necessary to purchase a home or land?

I would defer to the lender, but usually not.. We believe you absolutely should, you are making a big investment, you should know exactly would you are buying.

Do I need a surveyor?

Please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your survey needs and advise you to your best course of action. 

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